Monday, March 15, 2010


so tonight my parent's hosted young life club at their house. 

my sister is in young life and they try to host it at different student's houses.

well, tonight they did an activitiy that involved lots of whipped cream and a couple of girls needed to wash their faces and hands afterwards.  i helped them into the bathroom and got towels for all of the girls.  there was one girl left in the bathroom that needed contact solution.

so, i ran down the hall to grab some from my parent's bathroom and came back to the guest bathroom. 

i walked in and it was just me and her.

she looked up at me and said...

"oh...are you sidney's mom?"


fyi:  i would have had her when i was six.  i'm 23, she's 17. 


  1. I LOVED Young life! Ours was always Monday night too. Oh what I'd give to go back to Young Life Mondays!!!!

  2. i just completely LOL'ed. just wait til you turn 24. they're going to start thinking you're mammie.

  3. It was the whipped cream she had in her eyes....MAMMIE!!!

  4. I think she was blinded by the cream!!!