Tuesday, March 16, 2010


okay, so i'm a terrible daughter-in-law.

friday was my mother-in-law's birthday and i didn't even write her a dad-burn post. 
how's that for sorry?

i guess in my old, motherly age i'm starting to be forgetful. 
not about her birthday.
just about her birthday post.

but, i did make sure to make her something she was wanting.

wanna see??

whatcha think?

happy birthday fmil!


  1. you are the perfect daughter in law...and if I could clone you for my two sons you can just bet I would. and I have an inside track and know how much your mother in law loves you! So don't go sellin' yourself short. love looking at your blog...and I don't even do this....

  2. Yes, she made it!! And it looks even better in person. And she never has to worry about falling from my grace...

    Thank you dear daughter-in-law! You KNOW how much I love things homemade!! Love you!