Friday, March 12, 2010


while worker man was out of town one week, i decided that i was going to tackle our bathroom.

it's small and i had not done anything to it since we got married.  he had painted it a tan-ish color.  the shower curtain was a couple of shades of tan-ish [yes, that's the official name :)]. and it was just pretty blah.

so, i decided it needed a revamp.

i saw this tutorial by Jenny at Pearl Street Interiors and I knew that it would work well in the bathroom.  so, i found some fabric at ikea and again, enlisted my dad's help.

sidenote:  he claims i'm high maintenance.  when worker man is out of town and i spend the night with my parents, i always bring a project.  and he claims i'm high maintenance.  mostly because all the projects i bring are the ones that he does and i stand around and take pictures and provide moral support.  but [warning:  sappy]  i love it - i'm always so grateful for those nights.

and here's the result...

i painted the walls a light blue [can't remember the name].
i found the rug at home goods.

sidenote:  i was looking for the rug one night with my sister and i showed her what i wanted.  she rubbed it and proceeded to yell out "'s like phalanges!!!".  and people starting staring.  it was ackward.  i can always thank her for those moments.

i decided to order a 95" white, waffle shower curtain from target. 

[a taller shower curtain makes the room seem a little bigger - which is much needed in the tiny bathroom].

here's an upclose of the pelmet box.

worker man was suprised and liked it.

[he did not like my paint job - considering he's going to have to paint the third coat because his wife is impatient and has a.d.d].

i'm pretty happy with it :)


  1. Love it! Love it!! And it looks even BETTER in person!!

  2. That looks great! You are so smart to be high-maintenance!!! HA HA!!