Thursday, March 11, 2010


first of all, can i just say....spring is coming?

that is evidenced by the number of bags of pastel-wrapped candy i have bought over the past few weeks. 

honestly, worker man and i are not able to make a trip to target [which happens quite often] without purchasing a bag or two of candy. and somehow they are disappearing rather quickly.

this is such an awesome time of year.  even with all the extra calories involved.  

i ride home with the sunroof open, windows down, hair blowing and music blaring.  it makes for a fabulous hour commute.  [at least fabulous compared to the winter commute].

i get home and worker man and i can go on a run or a walk because it's still light outside and warm enough to go. 

i want to take pictures.

i want to create something.

i breath deeper.

i see the beauty in more everyday things.

i see Jesus more in everything.

life is good.


and, speaking of springy.

take a look at this simple birthday present i made out of the supplies below.

green says spring.  chunky beads say spring.  cute necklaces say spring.

ahhh, spring is coming.


  1. Love me some spring...and LOVE the candy pictures!! If you get much craftier, I am going to be sick. How cute is that necklace???!!!