Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wfmw - quick craft clutter control.

So do you have a space that really is just cluttered?
Not really a whole lot that you can do about it?

Well, I do.

My sewing area is just a mess.  I try to keep it organized but it's hard.  Plus, I don't have a craft space, so I have to leave all of my stuff set up in the guest room.

Well, here's how it has looked for quite awhile.

When my mom and grandma came to stay for a night not long ago, I really didn't want this space to look so cluttered.  But, I didn't have any place to store all the stuff under that table.  Plus I didn't have time to make anything or reorganize the mess into cute baskets.  Not to mention, no matter how organized it looks under the table, everything is under an ugly, rubbermaid table.  Useful? Yes.  Cute?  No.

So, I had some extra fabric laying around and decided that it might work...

Ahhh, so much better.

So, moral to the story, using some extra fabric to cover a table works for me!

It's cute, quick and practically free!


  1. Nice! I keep threatening to do that in my craft room, but have yet to do so.