Thursday, January 14, 2010

second scarf.

Okay, scarf number two for the week.

I had seen quite a few of the ruffly scarves lately and when I came across this tutorial, I decided I had to make one.

It was super easy.  

They mentioned the use of a stretch needle and, if I were you, I would definitely use one.  I didn't use one [because I haven't been anywhere that sells them lately] but I think it would be a lot easier because a stretch needle is supposed to stretch the fabric to go through instead of putting holes in it.  And believe me - jersey knit is kinda difficult.  At least for a beginner.

So, there's scarf two!


  1. need like 5 kids to keep you busy. I dont ever remember having time to do things like this.....even pre-kids!

    I want to be like you when I grow up!

    Hows Tampa?

  2. I love the previous comment! I loved doing random crafts and things pre-Colin but she's right, somehow the time just disappears. By the way, that scarf is the exact color of your eyes! It's great!

    We'll have to commiserate on PSE once you get it. It's definitely overwhelming and it may take me 2 years, but I won't let it defeat me! I haven't come across any great sites or books yet but I'll keep you posted and you do the same.

  3. i'm so inspired! i'm thinking i need to go to hobby lobby saturday!

  4. Love this one even more than the last one!
    You are so smart!

  5. SO cute!!!! I need to save this link for later.