Tuesday, January 12, 2010

lots of words and finally a project.

So I'm sitting in the airport [waaaay too early for my flight since Worker Man had to drop me off] and can I just tell you, I love airports.  I love all the craziness of checking in.  And walking to my gate watching all the people and browsing through the ridiculously overpriced stores.  I love picking out a new book or magazine [yes, even though they are insanely more expensive than at the Borders right down the street].  And then sitting and listening to the people beside me and across from me and behind me.  Talking about the most random stuff.

Yes, I'm stalkerish.

Lesson to you, be careful what you talk about in the airport.  I'm sure there are more stalkerish/people watchin'/listening people other than just myself.  

Well, maybe not...but I'm okay with that.

So anyways, I'm in the airport about to leave for a conference and figured I might as well utilize this time to entertain y'all with an absolutely random and boring post. [okay, so maybe entertaining is the wrong word.  but you get my point.]

Okay, so now, after a ridiculous preface, I'll tell you what I'm really talking about today:

For some reason I have been all about making scarves lately.

 So, this week I plan to show you the scarves that I've made!  I made these over the weekend for two of my friends at work.  One had a birthday yesterday and the other had a birthday over the holidays.  Since I broke my sewing machine, I haven't been able to make them.  That is, until this weekend, when FMIL let me borrow hers.  I followed this tutorial (via One Pretty Thing).

So, I made this for one of the gals.

I'm thinking I was kinda excited about this one.
What do you think?

And clearly I am so done with me having to model it.

Sadly, I don't have a random girl that hangs around to take pictures when I need them for my blog.  If only Worker Man would volunteer.  But let me tell you, that would fly over like a lead balloon.  I can barely get him to take the pictures of me in all the contraptions I come up with.  Much less model them while I take pictures of him and post them on the internet.

Here's an upclose.

And then, because I liked the first one so much...

I decided to make a second one.

Here's an upclose of the ends.

I was so excited and I think they liked them pretty good!

[note:  no scarves were harmed in the making of the post.  but i can't promise that the green one wasn't worn to church this past sunday before i gave it as a gift on monday.]


  1. can i just say that this post was totally entertaining and i love the scarves!

  2. OK. I am ,ad. Seriously mad. I am not kidding. Mad. I want the green one. I am mad. I don't forgive easily.

  3. They are adorable, FMIL is ticked, better make her one!

  4. airports are the funnest place on earth if you're tanked up on valium and people watching. I know...ive spent many hours...stoned in airports...due to my fear of falling from the sky.

    The scarfs are so cute......the green one matched the headband. Since you wore it to church..the only proper thing to do would be give the headband along with the scarf.

    Im just saying!

    Where is the scarf ...made of yarn....that you made using your office chairs? :) What goes on behind closed doors!

  5. just birthday is february 10!!!

  6. cracked me right up. And I love your little modeling self. Adorable! Thanks for the did a great job!