Friday, January 29, 2010

show us your life - fashion tips.

okay, so i don't have a ton of fashion tips.  

but last night i had supper with my super stylish college roommate and she was wearing these:

umm...hello fashionista!

so cute.  and, the best part about all her outfits is that she's super stylish but she's a bargin shopper too.  awesome combo.

except i'm always super jealous because she'll spend less money and look waaaay better than my plain long sleeve shirt, jeans and a scarf.

and because i was sure you'd all be curious, i lifted the edge of her jeans to see how high the boots were.  and yes, they were ankle boots.  i've not been able to make the jump yet but of course miss fashion made the jump and pulled it off oh so well.

but, in the process of lifting the jeans, she revealed another ummm "fashion secret??"...

when you run out of dress socks, go for the long tube socks.

oh, and make sure you wear them crooked.  see the gray heel of the sock popping up on the side??

she was way excited that i took a picture of that too.

and now, my fashion tip:

 spruce up the plain jane stuff!

i gave her the birthday present i made her last night.

[and yes, i tried it on...but just for the sake of the blog.  promise y'all.  except then i was really tempted to keep it]

i bought a white tank at target and added some fun flowers.

and, just for fun, i threw some on the bottom of the shirt too.

[sorry, crappy picture - i was using my point and shoot]

i think she was pretty excited about it :)


  1. umm she's pretty much in love with it!

    and the sock situation was totally legit. the gray in the heels of the socks matched the gray shoes...justified? yes.

    love you :)

  2. You did a great job with the it! Oh, and did you reserve the whole restaurant for her special night??? (Looks like you guys were alone!)

  3. Cute idea with the tank! I will have to try it!:)

  4. I love the tank, how cute!!! Great idea :)

  5. You and your blog are so cute :)

    I love what you did to that white tank. So creative and fun!

  6. Cute cute tank!! I love your fun projects. I'm giving the scarf with the "ruffles" on the bottom my best shot...kinda excited!