Monday, February 1, 2010


my parents have recently given my sister a budget.  they give her money each week to pay for gas, lunch at school and a little extra. 

well, we took a trip to target the other night and she found a couple of items she [needed].

needless to say, her little bit didn't cover her two needs.

but, two bits of good news.

first, she has a birthday coming at the end of march.

so maybe she'll get her two needs.


she found a need that did fit in her budget.

so much better.


  1. Well done on finding something within budget! You and your sister are too cute and of course you hear this all the time but look so much alike! I always wish I had a sister.

    Ahh how Target is so dangerous when on a budget. I love that store!!!

  2. Do you KNOW how much your FIL would like that license plate map for his birthday this month....just saying.

  3. That map is WAY cool! I would love that myself! I can totally see why she would "need" that!