Thursday, January 28, 2010


okay, so i spent the night at my parent's house two nights ago because worker man was out of town. the next morning i got ready to go to work and poured myself a cup of coffee to go. 

my parent's recycle these and i always use one so i don't have something to return to them.

well, when i got on the elevator at work i noticed that the cup had the monopoly game on it.  so i looked and saw that my dad hadn't pulled off the pieces to play.

so, of course, i got super excited and thought that maybe i would win something.

i pulled the first one off and it was north carolina avenue.

then, i pulled off the second.

and i won!

a free breakfast item!!

but then, as i looked closer, i realized that the coupon had expired.

on november 17th.


yes, i was drinking out of a vintage coffee cup. 

i wonder how much i could get for it at the antique store.


  1. Once again, I laughed OUT LOUD. I didn't see it coming...the funny I mean!!! I use to be paranoid that when I got old I would be a hoarder....guess your dad didn't get the memo on that one!

  2. Hilarious! That would have been the first thing I would have done. That is a great idea that they reuse those cups though. My mom does that with plastic takeout containers.

  3. That would be Grandaddy! I have to throw away chick-fil-a cups when he is out of the house.
    I am so different, can't wait to finish my starbucks and throw the cup away. How different we each are. But that we can still love each other and tolerate the differences is a blessing. Nanny