Monday, September 14, 2009

open mouth, insert foot.

have you ever said something really stupid to someone higher than you?  

for example: open your mouth, say one word, then realize that you shouldn't have said anything?

but by then you're already opened your mouth and said the first word, so you can't turn back.

well, about my post on friday.

like i said, i had decided not to tell anyone.
just to see if someone would figure it out.

well, on thursday of that week, i was in the break room when the dean of students walked in.

let me repeat.  

the dean.of.students.
as in, in charge of all of the medical students at the med school where i work.

yeah, so anyways...he walks in and says 'oh, well, you look dressed up today'.

right there, i should have said 'yes sir' and that been it.

instead, i opened my mouth.  and said, 'my husband and i are house-sitting for dr. n'.

{yes, the dean from this story}

and as soon as i did, i knew i needed to turn back.  but there was no way out.  i was already in too deep to just end the conversation.

so, my entire story about seeing this girl doing this little, black dress thing on a blog and deciding that i should do that while i was house-sitting so i wouldn't have to pack so much and not telling anyone to see if anyone noticed, etc all came spilling out.

throughout this entire story, dr. k just stood there with his mouth open.
when i finished telling him all this, he just kinda turned his head to the side, mouth still slightly open, and just said..."uhhh".

my response?

i promptly did a one-hundred and eighty degree turn and walked back to my office.

we have not spoken since.

oh yeah, did i mention i've only exchanged about seven words with him ever?

two deans down, quite a few left to go.


  1. Oh no! I hate when things like that happen! But I'm glad you shared it with us. haha!

  2. It's even funnier *reading* it than *hearing you tell it*!! Ok, so maybe it wasn't funny to you, but you have to admit, it's a good one!! One way to look at it, if you run through all the deans, it may be your chance.....DEAN Jenny has a nice ring to it!

  3. enough about this we need some beach pics posted!

  4. Had a meeting w that particular Dean yesterday.....I could not help but smirk the whole time i was in there! It didnt help that he had just came in there and asked me if i had moved from your office within 30 which I replied... 'No I came once out to see if you were ready for our meeting and you were not''re just a bad influence! I so wanted to say...she was just telling me about the week she wore the same dress...i think she tried you about it.... bhahahah