Friday, September 11, 2009

the lbd.

remember this post about the little black dress {lbd}?

well...worker man and i were house-sitting for my boss one week and i decided that {instead of packing up a whole suitcase full of potential outfits for the week} i should try a little experiment.

i wore the same little black dress for the week.

guess what? 

no one noticed!

here is a snapshot of my week.

if you click on the picture you can see it a little better.
btw, i totally realize your eyes go straight to thursday.  i forgot to take a picture in the same place!

and, just to keep ya comin' back, i may have a little follow-up story on monday.


  1. I LOOVVVEEEE #3, and also 4, you must be the smartest girl in town!

    PS. Love your hair pulled back.

  2. Love #3. Love your hair in #$. How is it the same dress in #5? It looks longer. GREAT IDEA!! Come dress me in the mornings. Well, don't dress me, but pick out my clothes!!!

  3. You always have it going on girl....... always!

    #3 wins! :)

    I carpooled with the shoes in #4...remember I was gonna come walking in with them???...then decided a broken ankle wouldnt be worth the enjoyment on your face watching me walk in those beasts! :)

  4. Love this! (and you!) What does the dress look like by itself?

  5. Wow girl you totally pulled it off. How versatile is that dress! Love the daisy picture behind you too.