Wednesday, September 16, 2009


on monday night, worker man was out of town so i went to my parent's town to spend the night.

my mom and sister both had things going on so it was just me and my daddy.

we went out to eat and then decided to swing through mcdonalds for a cup of coffee on the way home.  when we pulled in, i noticed something go on in the playplace area with a bunch of older people.  dad informed me that it was bluegrass night [which happens every monday night].

i love bluegrass.

so i begged my dad [who was not hard to convince since he loves it more than me] to let us go in and listen for awhile.

we went in and there were 30+ old people in there. 

a lot of them we dancin' a jig.

only in my parent's town would there be a bluegrass night at the local mcdonalds.

i was just sad that we didn't get there earlier so i could have danced too!

at the end everyone gathered hands and sang amazing grace.

as ridiculous as this all may seem, it just reminds me what a sweet town this was to grow up in.  God-fearin' people who just want to get together for a little fun.

even if it is at mcdonalds on a monday night listening to bluegrass and cuttin' a rug.

hmm...i wonder what my daddy is doing next monday night....


  1. How sweet is that??! I think that was meant to be. What a fun night with your dad!

  2. is that momma toots in that picture?

  3. Made Me Smile Blog (MMSB)

    YAY for ya'll.... They used to do it on Tuesday nights.... Next time wear your boots...and hit the dance floor! Sweet post!

    We all love bluegrass too... Next time holler! We'll all meet, drink coffee, and enjoy the sweet southern sounds of the mandolin!

  4. That is the sweetest thing! Your are blessed to have been raised in such a great place. I have been thru there for a ball tournament last year and it was so pretty.
    You are a lucky girl!