Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stupid DVR.

I am addicted to 24. Anyone who has known me during a 24 season knows that I HAVE to see it. I started in college and it was a huge deal. We would have 24 parties. These parties entailed supper or deserts, tons of people, and lights out with complete silence while the show was on. If you needed to be on your cell phone you had to leave the room.

With 24 not being on the air last season my love for this show has grown in anticipation for this season. I think I’m at the point of no return. After Sunday night’s part one of the season premier, I was already addicted. The second part aired last night from 8-10.

FMIL, Mom, Mom’s BF, and I all attend Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) on Monday nights and it takes just about all night. We leave at 6 and don’t get home until 9:30. Therefore, Worker Man and I are forced to record 24 on our DVR and watch it after I get home. Last night, Worker Man was out of town so when I got home, he was watching the end of the show at the hotel. He raved during a commercial break about how this episode was sooooo good and how I needed to watch it. It couldn’t wait until another night. I started the show from the beginning and was really getting into it when Worker Man called. I paused the show to answer and all the sudden, the screen switched to something different. I started explaining it to Worker Man and he couldn’t figure out what was going on either. I went back to the list of shows recorded and 24 was gone, I mean GONE.

I got so upset I just went straight to bed. Even though I had planned on getting other things done last night I didn’t care. I just wanted to forget about the whole tragedy.

I would have probably called in sick to work and sulked in my bed all day today but I know they’ll post it online soon and I will be able to watch it tonight.

I hate stupid technology. Stupid DVR.

Well…except for the internet… because now I get to watch it tonight.


  1. At least you know how to turn your television on. I'm just saying..............