Tuesday, August 20, 2013

project 52.48


Wow.  Y'all are becoming more and more feisty.  
You have been since Day One but as you've gotten older you have definitely honed the skill of fighting for what you want.  I guess it's just a natural thing since you've gotta share with someone else every.single.second.  
Feisty is good.  

But, sometimes I get glimpses of what my days are going to consist of for the next EIGHTEEN YEARS.  
And I proceed to curl up in a fetal position and pull the sheets over my head and pretend that it will always be easy like when y'all would lay in the same place that I put you and coo and giggle all while looking adorable and thinking I was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  
But, I'd say this picture accurately describes what life is going to look like for a while.  You both wanted the lawnmower.  Ignoring the fact that we have THREE lawnmowers for you to play with, you both NEEDED that one.  So, a fight broke out.  All out war.  

And, as I watched from afar all I could do was smile.  Well and grab my camera so I could snap a picture.  Life is going to be hard as a twin.  As exciting and special as it is, it will also come with difficulties.  
But, obviously your feisty little spirits are up for the challenge!