Monday, August 19, 2013

little girls skirts!

Happy Monday, y'all!  

I have been sewing lots of little girls skirts lately and I'm finally getting around to posting them here!  These are adorable with a little t-shirt and I am getting giddy about seeing them worn this fall.  I can just imagine a little cardigan over a white tee with one of these skirts and boots for the fall!  How adorable.  Unfortunately, I don't think this Crews or Tate would look quite as adorable in the getup.  But, I know lots of little girls who would!  

If you are looking for a gift for a little girl in your life, let me know!  I'd be glad to whip one of these up for you and send it on it's way.  If you are looking for a specific color, let me know and I'll email you fabric options!  I can also leave off the monogram if you'd prefer that it not have one.  

Thankfully adorable Bennett and her gorgeous mama were willing to model Bennett's Moxie Made skirt so I have some in action shots for you too!

 Thank you Kate Overby for these pictures!

If you're interested in placing an order, email me at jenny.s.conklin [at] gmail [dot] com!

Enjoy your week!


  1. AHHHHHHG! These are adorable! Absolutely adorable! :) Well done lady!