Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beach Trip 2012.

As I mentioned in my last Project 52 post, we took a beach trip with some friends for a week.  

We went with Bobby and Amber and their two kiddos (Bailey and Boone) and Christopher and Heather (aka - Barbie and Ken) and their little one (Hamilton).

We honestly had so much fun.  It was crazy but it was a blast.  We've already decided that we're crazy enough to do it again next year :)

Here's a little recap from our week in pictures (with a few comments :))

This was the first time the four of us have been to the beach together and we had a blast.

But, I must say.  I would not have had as good of a time without this man.  He was such a huge help.  And he was willing to watch the boys inside many afternoons while I stayed out on the beach reading and napping.  It was pure bliss, I tell ya.

So thankful that he loves traveling and hanging out with friends and working hard to make sure we have a good time.

On our first night, the boys took a trip to Walmart (surprise!) after the babes fell asleep.  The next morning they all gave each other a signal, walked to their bedrooms and came out in matching trunks and tank tops.  We about died.  And they wore them.  A lot.  They walked down to the beach to set up the tent and chairs.  So thankful they have a sense of humor.  And wives who put up with their constant nonsense :)


 Sweet Hamilton loved the water.  And eating the sand...which was not so great.  

Crews - ready to hit the beach.


Bailey was my "babysitter" for the week.  She loved watching the boys while I unpacked and folded laundry and got supper ready.  It was so fun to watch her :)

Boone eating breakfast one morning.

Bobby (yes, rocking his tank top) and Bailey.

Hamilton eating breakfast.

We took lots of walks on the beach which was fun.  The boys love being outside and watching the ocean and the birds and all the people.  So this was the perfect activity for their age :)

Bobby and his kiddos.  (Sorry, all these pictures are SOOC.  I knew if I tried to edit them first I'd never get around to blogging about our trip.)

One night the four of us went to eat at Provision Co.  It was wonderful.  We had to take the ferry over to Southport so of course I had to document the boys first ferry ride.  

Tate and Daddy.
(I took a picture of Crews too but he slept in his car seat the whole way over :) )

Bailey looooved the beach. 

Crews, in my pink towel.  I think Jordan about died when I wrapped him up in it. 

I nursed the boys while we were on the beach.  And finally, after three trips to the beach, we're figuring it out a little better. (Me and Tate)

The boys really did love the water when you sat them down in it.  But, if it rushed up on them, they weren't so excited about it.  Clearly.


Tate and Daddy.

Me and Crews, again.

Me and Tate.

The girls also took all the babes on a walk one night.  
Pushing a stroller in the sand is a lot harder than it looks!  It was definitely a workout.

The guys rented a jeep to drive out on the beach.  So, when the boys went down for a nap, Amber graciously offered to listen for them while Jordan and I took a 20 minute joy ride.  Ummm...bad move.  Now we have jeep fever all over again.

Heather's mom came to watch Hamilton while they attended a wedding on Saturday night.  She offered to stay at the house while Bobby, Amber, Jordan and I went for a ride in the jeep.  We lined all the video monitors up for her and took off.  We felt like we were 16 again.  We had a BLAST.

Tate loved watching the ocean.  So, I propped him up in Jordan's chair and he just sat, mesmerized for a while. five minutes.  But five minutes seems like an eternity when typically someone was crying to be held like every thirty seconds :)

We had to bathe the boys at least once a day if not more often than that.  Thankfully they love their bath time.  And they loved the water hose too :)  Especially after coming out of a dirty, swim diaper.

 I snuck out on our last morning, while the boys were sleeping, to do my devotions, drink coffee, watch the early morning beach walkers and just soak it all in one last time.  It was heavenly.

We had such a good time.  And I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with friends we are able to travel with and enjoy being with.  I'm already looking forward to next year's trip.


  1. It looks like so much fun. Plusss... You look incredible.

  2. Lifelong friends are hard to find. Treasure these times.