Wednesday, September 30, 2009


a few weekends ago worker man and i went to the beach for the weekend with barbie and ken.

sidenote:  barbie and ken have been very concerned about what their blog names would be.  their neighbors refer to the soon-to-be [soon as in this saturday!!] mrs. as i figured it would be good for continuity's sake.

anywhoo...back to our beach trip.

we spent the weekend with them:

obviously they're concentrating pretty hard but i promise, most of the trip they looked like this.
[minus the sweet yellow tint of the light]

we had a blast.

the nice thing about the weekend was that we didn't have to entertain the fellas.
they found plenty to keep them busy.

they started out the weekend with some...legos {suprise}

on saturday morning they moved on to cornhole.

worker man and ken stretched out.
getting ready for the big tourney.

then they met the competition.
i think worker man and ken thought they would have this competition in the bag.

a little action-shot.

the one, lonley spectator.
doin' what she does best.

they lost.

then, they headed to the arcade.
to come home with their big prizes.
bff rings.

thankfully, those things aren't super-high-quality, so they broke in a few hours and had to be thrown away.


[and yes, the only reason worker man is in ken's lap is for documenting this sweet moment.  he didn't stay like this for long...thankfully.]

for supper on saturday night, i had the genius idea that we should walk down the beach to a restaurant by the pier.  no one realized it was a mile down the beach till we were already about halfway there.

but the food ended up being good and we got to sit overlooking the ocean, so it was good.

after the hour treck back to the beach house from supper we decided to play putt-putt.

barbie and i scored the only hole-in-ones of the game.
we scored them on the same hole.
we were pretty stoked :)

ken wore duckboots all weekend so he was super pumped to go wading in the nasty putt-putt water.

on the way home from putt-putt we got to experience a little concert.
[notice i said experience, not enjoy -- just kidding ken]

we seriously had a wonderful time.
i got a lot of pics of barbie and ken and me and worker man on the beach but this was one of my favorites :)

the guys were probably off mourning the loss of their bff rings.


  1. The picture of Worker Man sitting on Ken's lap cracked me up! And Lego's? Seriously?!

  2. wow........on so many levels! thankful the rings was a bust. Their facial expressions completely goes against your comment that they were just documenting their sweet moment..but if you say so.

    Continue to pray that the legos will soon be a passing soon as I saw the lego box...i broke out in song.. 'We built this CITY on Rock and Roll"...Im not sure it was much better than Ken's concert as I did get a strange look from Big Daddy.

    Corn Hole should never be called Corn Hole....ever! The stretching....was hilarious.

    Duck boots all weekend...Ken's feet had to be sweaty ALL.THE.TIME! im not sure the boots kept his feet dry in the end.

    Putt Putt pix.... priceless!

    Loved the pix of you and Barbie.

    Hope they have a wonderful wedding this weekend! They make a dashing couple...Ken and Barbie fits completely!

    Looks like it was a great time! Keep making these special memories!

  3. Oh I LOVE this post. How wonderful it is to have great friends and make memories with them! Hope you have many more weekends with Barbie and Ken!

  4. What a great weekend! It looks like you all had a ton of fun with each other!