Friday, September 25, 2009


worker man informed me last night that he has not been very impressed with my blogging lately.  he said all the posts from this week had been pretty lame.

so sorry.

and now, i feel the pressure.
which means there's definitely not going to be anything remotely fun.

so there.

but, worker man did just show up at my office like this:

{so sweet}.


  1. nice attempt at sweetness.

    but if he'd realllyyyy been paying attention, he'd have brought you some okra since your last batch fell victim to the oven.

  2. The posts wouldn't be lame to worker man if he drank latte's!

  3. Sweet indeed! Was that his way to butter you up before delivering the bad news about your blogging. I'm proud of him for at least reading your blog.

  4. it appears as if worker man was just jealous he hadn't been on the blog in a while :)

  5. where's MINE? I always miss out.

    Love the flowers.... and if he wants to look at a lame blog...hook him up to teeters gang..... not enough time to blog anymore.

  6. PS...tell WOrker Man...that we havent seen any projects or DIY handowrk from him lately for you to blog.....So in part....this COULD be partly his contribution...or ...err lack there of.....tell him to get busy! :) Love ya'll!