Monday, March 12, 2012

project 52.9


I've joked quite often about how I wish that the two of you were shown some love every once in a while.  

The reality is, the two of you are loved by more people and in more ways than we ever imagined.  From the time you almost arrived, when I was 25 weeks pregnant, to your month long NICU stay, to now, as two healthy, four month old babies.  You have been prayed over and loved on.  Visited by family and friends.  Received gifts and phone calls to check on you.  

You are loved.

And we are so incredibly blessed.

When we show up at MiMi and Pop's house, we can't even put the car in park before MiMi or Pops or Aunt Sidney or Uncle Colby are running out to grab your car seats and bring you inside.  And from the time we get there until the minute we leave, there is a continuous fight over who can hold you.  

Having cousins that are so excited to even touch your toes [since they still can't hold you :( ] or watch you eat or have your diaper changed.  Aunts and uncles that call to check on how you are doing or drive from far away to come visit you.  Grandparents that are enamored by you.  Always thinking of you.  Always wanting daily pictures of you.  Always praying for you

So many people don't have that.

We are blessed to have such an amazing family.  I don't want to ever take that for granted.  
I don't want y'all to ever take that for granted.  

Our cup truly overflows.  


  1. Nothing like a family (or two:) that loves you!

  2. You're right! We're blessed to have such great families on both sides!