Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a perfect thursday.

The boys and I had a perfect Thursday a few weeks ago.

It was a gorgeous, seventy degree day at the beginning of March.
Thank you, North Carolina! 

 We took a ride with the sunroof open...

 With sandals and pink, spring toes.
Okay, well...I was the only one with shoes or pink toes.  I'm sure Jordan is thankful that I didn't paint the boys toes pink :)

Jamming out to Seeds of Praise.  

I heard of the Seeds Family Worship from Jami's blog, Hello from the Natos
They are fabulous!
It is scripture put to music.  The boys got Seeds of Praise and Seeds of Purpose for Valentine's Day :)  
We listen to them anytime when we're in the car and I've already caught myself singing scripture!  I can't wait to hear their sweet voices singing along someday.

We took a quick pit-stop at Starbucks...

For a decaf, carmel frappuccino.

And then headed to Barnes and Noble. 

I got to drool over their endless inventory of colorful moleskine journals....

Tate stayed awake to enjoy perusing with me.

Crews was not as entertained...

I bought The Hunger Games and a new journal for church!

Two of my favorite things!  
A new book AND a fresh journal!  

That evening, when Jordan got off work, we went for a walk downtown.

Again, Tate was wide-eyed.  Crews slept :)

I would definitely see this as a perfect Thursday! 

Hopefully there will be many more of these to come!


  1. i LOVE the hunger games! can't wait for the movie to come out! and we have seeds of purpose, i will definitely look into seeds of praise :) thanks for the suggestions!
    that indeed looks like an amazing day! you are such a good mama!

    1. I'm dying to see the movie now!! I can't wait for BGR to be here! I want to see a picture of that precious girl!

  2. I love the whole seeds collection and so do my kiddos! Love the pics of your precious boys!!!

    1. We'll have to get the other seeds cds as we go along. I've loved the two that we have! Hope y'all are doing well! Nonny said she had such a great time at the conference with yall!