Wednesday, February 29, 2012

weigh in | february goals.

It's time to check in on my February goals!

Sadly, I did not do as well this month.  I feel like I accomplished a lot but I didn't stick to getting my goals done.  I worked on other things and got sidetracked.  

Make two presents :::  CHECK!

My first gift was not a Christmas present.  I was in Raleigh and went by Courtney's (my brother's girlfriend) house.  When we pulled up, I noticed that her door needed a little wreath.  Sooo, I had just seen that Shawna posted about a wreath she made and decided one like that would be perfect!  Here's what I came up with:

I gave it to her this past weekend.  I think she was excited about it!

My second gift is a Christmas present so I don't want to show the finished product!  But, I "monogrammed" a set of coffee mugs.  Here's a shot that shows you part of it.  I'm excited to give these!  Unfortunately, I'll have to wait 10 more months!

Read Organized Simplicity :::  CHECK!


This book is good!  I loved it.  I'm super excited about my March goals because of this book.  I would definitely recommend it.  Especially if you are feeling a little overwhelmed.  By your stuff.  And by your schedule.  And by your crazy life.  

Organize the Pantry :::  CHECK!

This is what I started with... 

...a mess.

I asked my dad to build me a shelf to store all of my cans on.  And then I labeled them with my new label maker!  

This is what I ended up with:

I haven't been grocery shopping in a while so I'm not quite sure where I'm going to put everything when I buy more food.  Aaaannddd, I still have a basket of snacks I have to find a place for!

Talk sweetly to Jordan :::  check-ish!

This has gotten better this month!  I did a little project that kept me on track.  I'll share it sometime.

Make and monogram an outfit for the boys  :::  fail!

I did buy a pattern for a bubble but I'm not sure if it's the one I want to make!  I hate I didn't get to this :(

Make a menu and stick to it ::: fail!

I'm having such a hard time following through with this!  Do y'all have any suggestions?  Someone suggested freezer cooking which sounds like an awesome idea if I can just get a plan together!  What other suggestions do y'all have?

Blog  :::  CHECK!

Can't wait to start my March goals!  I'll be back tomorrow with those.  How did February go for you?


  1. Mine went same as yours-I had a goal to take dinner to a precious family with FOUR month old twins that I have not seen yet! -epic fail!! I will get to that in March. What would you like? ;-)

  2. cute cute wreath!! it is beautiful!!
    and i love the pantry--- it is SO organized! i am so impressed!
    i definitely did not succeed to greatly with my february goals- and we even had an extra day! oops! i'll post mine later or tomorrow!

  3. I did ok...not great. Need to finish my post!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my new wreath! everyone loves it here! :):)

  5. OK, didn't meet my goals...not all of them anyway.Just posted them!