Friday, February 24, 2012

project 52.7


We went on our first run yesterday in the double BOB.  It was different than the other walks we've taken.  Typically you're in your car seat which is snapped into our other stroller.  You can't see out as well.  You just are kinda looking up at the sky.

But not today!  Y'all were in on the action.  Front and center. And you both loved it!  

It's funny how y'all have made me see everything through a new lens.  And I mean, everything.  I thought I appreciated nature and the views when I used to go on my runs every afternoon.  

But yesterday I saw everything differently.  And heard everything differently.  And felt everything differently.

You stared at everything.  It was all so new and exciting.  Even the tall tree that you couldn't stop staring at when I stopped to check on you.  You were mesmerized.  Looking at the tip-top of the tree.  And, I too, looked at it.  Stretching up to the sky and noticed for the first time, that it was beautiful.  The same tree I've run past for the last four years.  I looked at the store fronts differently.  At the people we passed by.  At the gorgeous sky as the sun started to set.  It was all new for you.  And it made it new for me again too.  Watching you see all these things for the first time.

I hear things differently too.  The loud motorcycle that drove by that made you cry for just a second.  The horns honking.  The boys playing baseball out on the field we ran by.  I thought about what it was probably like for you to hear those things for the first time.  I thought about how fun it will be to sit in the stands and watch you play baseball.  I thought about how all of this was new for you.  And beautiful.  

And, I felt things differently.  I wondered how the breeze felt on both of your faces.  Really touching your face for the first time.  It had to have felt glorious.  So I felt it too.  The fresh, cool air hitting my face felt new.  Somehow different.

All of these new things made me realize just how much God has created just for us.  His people.  We were just talking yesterday morning (well, I was doing the talking), about how God had created the gorgeous, 70 degree, February day.  Just for His glory.  And for His people to enjoy.  

And then, we did just that.  We went out and enjoyed it.  And I was able to enjoy it more than ever before.  Seeing how excited you were about everything.  How content you were.  Basking in the warm weather.  And the fresh breeze.  

It was new.  
For you.  And somehow, it was new for me too.
I am thankful for that.  

I can't wait for more new experiences for you.
Knowing that they'll will feel new for me again, too.


  1. I love this project series! :) I can't wait to get my hands on these boys again! Happy 70 degree February!

  2. Want to, walk with you boys soon! Look how much you have grown since you first sat in it!