Sunday, February 12, 2012

project 52.5


Slow mornings with y'all are the best.  
Reading books, getting you to smile, listening to you coo and grunt.

I want this first year with y'all to be slow.

 One fourth of your first year of life is already over.  Crazy.
I want to enjoy every single second of every single day.  

I want to slow down.  
I want to choose not to go somewhere.  Not to follow the schedule.  Not to make sure the house is always clean.  

Instead I want to slow down.  Physically and mentally.  Not worrying about my to-do list.  Instead, I want to learn which songs you like.  I want to learn what makes you smile.  I want to take time to cuddle with you.  To rock you.  To dance with you.  

I want to be intentional about slowing down and making memories each day.

I want this year to be slow. 


  1. Real quick...
    I love your babes! I have TWO sets of twin boys myself. They are 9.5 months apart and are 21 and 20 now. The doctor said I was just very, very fertile! I guess so! They are so wonderful! Imagine my surprise when I found out I was pregnant with twins again.....Have loved every minute.
    I noticed your shirt. Were you a NCSU cheerleader? I was a UNC cheerleader for 4 years in the early 90s.
    Keep on writing.

  2. Love this...especially the *learn which songs you like.* that was one of the things I loved with my children....songs. Enjoy those baby boys. NONNY does.