Monday, February 6, 2012

project 52.4


Life with two preemies is eye-opening.  Crews, you had inguinal hernia surgery last week so we were in the Children's hospital overnight.  It was so eye-opening.   I have become so aware of just how blessed we are.   

There were children that came in to the pre-op area while we were in there.  Many of the kids knew the nurses by name.  A few were crying, because they knew what was coming.  They had been in that room before.  Surgeries have become a part of their lives.  On a more regular basis.  Thankfully, we have no more surgeries on our schedule for now.  We are blessed.

Health is a blessing. 

While we were there overnight, there were children on the same floor whose families weren't there.  Your room, on the other hand, wasn't big enough.  Both sets of your grandparents were there while you were in surgery and stayed with you afterwards.  Your twin brother, Tate, was there.  Your parents were there.  We are blessed to be so supported.

Family is a blessing.

We live near Duke Children's Hospital.  Some of the best doctors in the world practice there.  Dr. Rice performed your surgery.  He is the best.  We heard from multiple people how amazing he is.  And he was just that.  When we sent you down the hall with the anesthesiologist, the one who stopped halfway down to put your paci back in your mouth because he didn't want you to be upset, we weren't scared.  We knew that you were in great hands.  Because they are the best.  They know how to operate on tiny, little babies like you.  

Knowledge is a blessing.

My eyes have been opened to just how blessed we are.  We should be praising God daily for his sovereign plan for your little life.  We should be praying for those who have to return for more surgeries.  Those who aren't supported with amazing families.  And those who don't have access to amazing doctors with incredible knowledge.  

My eyes are opened. 
We are blessed.

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  1. This made me cry. Mostly because of how you love. You love your husband and your boys and your family...and you do it well. Thank you for loving Nonny and Poppy the way you do.

  2. I loved this post....and you are so right about these things you pointed out. I remember when we took Ryan to have his tonsils removed when he was 18 months old...I was a complete and total wreck when they took him from my arms. The nurse turned around and offered a pager to me. Clearly, I had a stunned look on my face. I asked her why I needed a pager. She would be surprized how many parents leave the medical center to go run errands or go out to eat while the surgery is taking place. I told her that Big Daddy and I would not be needing a pager..but thanked her for the offer.

    When I started working in Brenner's ED a few years daily prayers changed.

    I now pray for all children...with specific prayers going out to those that are sick (and so many of them indescribably sick), those that have been and continue to be abused on every level, those that are hungry, those whose family are non-existent, those that just need something 'to hold on to'....and this list is incomplete. These children deserve so much more than my daily prayers.

    My kids know that something warm and soft always goes into the salvation army stockings that we fix each year ...because again...sometimes all these children really want... is something to physically hold on to.

    You are blessed with beautiful, healthy children....and they are equally blessed to have their special family... that loves them in the truest and deepest of ways. And even knowing this....I will continue to pray for them (and their parents)daily.

    Love you...and your family!

    PS..sorry for the long comment...this just hit home for me.

  3. Jenny, I am loving reading about your adorable family & your life here. Thanks for sharing. I am so happy for you - your boys are all truly blessed :)

  4. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. You are such a blessing to those around you.
    You will be blessed! love to all!