Thursday, January 12, 2012

Like I mentioned yesterday, I got a monogram machine!  I've really had a good time playing with it.  It's a lot a fun :)  My first projects have been burp cloths!  I've taken pictures of the ones I've made so far.  

I've also decided to sell them! I am selling a burp cloth with an applique for $6 and if you want a name added or a monogrammed burp cloth, I'm selling those for $8. 

I'm hoping to make more things to sell but this is where I'm going to start :)
I can do lots of different objects and animals!  So let me know if you have something in mind! 
You can email me at, send me a facebook message or leave a comment here!

I'm also making kitchen towels!  I'm selling these for $12!

Whatcha think??

Happy rainy Wednesday!


  1. I think...great! I left a message on facebook and now I can't find where I left it.

  2. Great projects. Embroidery machines are wonderful, I love using mine. It makes a gift so much more personal if it has a name on it.