Monday, February 8, 2010

valentines breakfast.

i woke up to this on saturday morning.

yes, that's worker man setting the breakfast table.

yes, those are heart shaped waffles.

yes, they were pink.

yes, those are my favorite flowers, [magenta] gerbera daisies, in the background.

yes, i love this part about valentines day.

having a husband that brings me flowers and fixes me the best, pink, heart-shaped waffles.

[ps.  yes, that is peanut butter in the background too.  if you have never put peanut butter on your pancakes or're missing out.]


  1. This is so sweet! I love it all! Ty puts pb on his pancakes and waffles too.

  2. Oh, you KNOW VALENTINES is my very favorite!!! Jealous much...but oh what a great hubby!!

  3. seriously??? you dont get these everyday? Oh Big Daddy does this for me every day..... freshly ground and brewed coffee, heart shaped pastries, flowers, fresh squeezed orange juice...yea...its pretty sweet!


    Love it! and him for doing it for you!