Friday, February 5, 2010

show us your life - beauty tips and favorite products

okay, so i'm definitely not one to give makeup tips.

especially considering my experience with buying makeup.

but, i figured i could at least show you some things i use when i do actually wear makeup and fix my hair.

first off, my moisturizer.

i love this moisturizer.  it's not too heavy.  i use it every morning and it's fabulous.  i've tried different moisturizers but i always go back to this one.

next, foundation.

i've never been an expensive makeup person. 

[which begs the question, why the heck would i go to the bobbi brown counter for all new makeup and all i can say]

so i'd been using neutrogena foundation.  it was actually really good.  and i thought i loved it.

that is...until my mom insisted that i try her makeup.


it's like heaven.  on my face.

i'm not kidding.

and the best part?
santa brought it.
he brought it early so i could "use it for all of my holiday festivities".
my mom santa told me to make sure i brought it home on christmas morning so it would seem like i was getting it in my stocking. 

okay, next thing is eyeliner.

sidenote:  this morning my mother-in-law left me a voicemail saying that she needed me to show her how to put eyeliner on her eyelid.  she left me this voicemail as i was writing this post.  how weird is that!?!

now, back to the eyeliner.

i use smashbox [color:  caviar].
 but the secret to this eyeliner is that you use the angle liner brush.

it makes all the difference.

i put the liner along the bottom very thinly.  then i rub a little bit so it's got more of a smudgey look.  then, for the top -- i start about 2/3 of the way from the end of the lid, making a very thin line.  as i get closer to the end, i make it thicker.  hopefully that makes sense.

now, on to hair tips.

my number one tip?

a fabulous hairstylist.
and if she's your aunt too, consider yourself extra lucky.

seriously, if you live near winston-salem, nc  - let me know.  you need to be hooked up.  for realzzz.

she's fabulous.
and oh so stylish.

and only two other things.

number one:  you need to get your hair cut often.

aunt penny most likely just fell out of her chair because i am the worst about this but she has finally convinced me that it's worth it.  seriously, as your hair grows out it become so much more difficult to style if it's not shaped up often.

number two:  a huge round brush.  it gives you volume and it saves the step of curling your hair after you dry it.

and that's all i got.

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  1. Love your explanation but there is nothing better than walking four houses down and doing it for me!!

  2. Hi from Kelly's Korner! That's too funny abour your mother in law calling for eyeliner advice. I just had my sister re-show me when she was home over Christmas. And, you're right- the brush makes all the difference!

  3. I found you from Kelly! I think I will need to buy a bigger round brush!!

  4. I totally agree with the large round brush. I have two of them. Thanks for sharing all of your tips.



  5. She's my aunt too:)
    and ur right we are lucky, I just got red highlights..which u havnt seen yet so come home please


  6. Ill have to try the eyeliner you put on w/ a brush...i typically use a pencil then use that same brush to soften....Havent tried that the lotion tho....Love Penny too...she's a gem!