Wednesday, February 24, 2010


for the last two days i have been sick as a dog.

a really, really sick dog.

i keep thinking i'm getting better and then i get worse. 


it's miserable.

so...since i've been stuck in the house for the last two days making my way back and forth from the bed to the couch i have found that these things have made me happy.

[in between throwing up and sleeping - which has taken up the majority of my time - tmi, i know.]

but, during the other times this is what i have been doing...

1.  my new photoshop book.  trying to figure out what i'm doing so i can actually start making use of the program.

2.  ginger ale 

3.  ncis.  have you watched this show?  worker man and i have become obsessed.  you should watch it, really.  but not the l.a. one - it's no good.

4.  my bathtub.  not that this is my bathtub - but any huge contraption that will hold a bunch of hot water will work for me.

5.  cute pajama pants.

7.  a wonderful husband that will get up and make me toast, get a wet cloth to put on my head, refill my ginger ale cup and rub my back.

hope you're having a better day!!


  1. i'm sick too jenny! come over and we can lay on the couch and watch tv and not talk together. :) and then workerman and brett can have someone they can talk to in between the ginger ale refills and toast/saltine runs. :) LOVE YOU!

  2. Let us know if we can bring you anything. Worker man called to update us on you. Feel better!

  3. call me if you run out of ginger ale or you need anything. get well you ffil

  4. goodness gracious! I hope you are feeling better...being sick like that is no fun! but I will say, I love me some NCIS!! I LOVE when it's a marathon NCIS day...time just zooms by!

    Feel better soon!!!

  5. You have my deepest sympathies: I despise being sick. The toast & ginger ale isn't so bad...but feel better soon. :)


  6. just don't throw up on the ceiling!
    hope you feel better :)

  7. hope you are feeling better today! miss you at the Y!