Thursday, February 25, 2010


last week i got to meet a couple of my girlfriends from college.  there was a group of four of us freshman year that met and hit it off immediately.

we deemed ourselves the 's&c girls'. 

random, but it worked at the time and it has stuck ever since. 

well, when we graduated, we all disbursed.  one stayed in raleigh, one moved to kentucky, one to washington state and smalltown, usa.

so - when washington was in town - raleigh, washington and i all got together for supper.
[and we missed kentucky like crazy].

they sent me the address of where to meet them and i ended up here.

a shack. surrounded by trees. a gravel lot. and very little light.

so i called them.
just to make sure we were still friends.
and to make sure they weren't trying to have me killed.

and apparently allen and his son decided to move on - without letting the world wide web know about it.

and they almost caused me to be part of a horror story.

so, i called them.

and told them they had sent me to a shack.
well, they were so excited they had sent me to a bbq shack.
because apparently i made it seem like a really cool, vintage, bbq shack.

until i had to explain to them it was really a shack.
and i was not going to meet them alive if i didn't get out of there soon.

so...we quickly revamped our plan and went to a different bbq place.

where i got to meet up with these two beautiful ladies.

[raleigh and washington].

aren't they beautiful?

and a little strange...

but oh, so fabulous.

and of course we decided we needed to have adequate documentation of the evening.

where i showed just how big my mouth really is.

and washington showed just how much she liked my hair being slung in her face.

and ummm...i just don't know what this shows here.

and this.
yes, this.
shows how great raleigh's photography skillz are.

the majority of the fifteen bazillion pictures of washington and i turned out like this. 

and then, even though we're still close in proximity, raleigh and i couldn't pass up the opportunity of a photoshoot.

this is the only one that halfway came out without being blurry.
[i think it was the half-click focus that was confusing...maybe??]

and then, from the most wonderful reading corps girl on the planet.
we got valentines presents.
which she decided to act out.

and, if the pictures i've already showed you weren't enough...

we set the continuous self timer and had some fun.

a couple of comments before we get started - 

  • i think washington was a little scared in the first one. 
  • raleigh made beautiful pictures in almost every single one we took. 
  • i apparently feel the need to cause myself to have a double chin, spaz out and take the scariest, worst pictures i could possibly take when i set a self timer [believe me - we tried it multiple times and i just couldn't rid myself of ugly, scary face].

but in the end, we had to send a normal picture to kentucky to let her know how much we missed her.

except apparently that is our pretend normal - because we only had one like this and about 35 gazillion like the ones i showed you.

[just because i know you will be concerned, no one else was in the restaurant at this point.  well, except for five male waiters.  who may or may not have kicked us out after the end of our photoshoot.]


  1. lovelovelove this post. and our collective photography skills! we should have had our waiter pose for a pic with us. and ms. burps-a-lot behind us!