Wednesday, December 2, 2009


i have a blanket that my aunt/godmother made me when i was young. i still use it and love it.

so, when i came across this tutorial, i knew that i had to make it for my new niece.

it was my first blanket and i actually enjoyed making it!  

i did the minky fabric on the back and the polka dots for the front with hot pink binding. 

i think AG liked it - or at least i think her mom did :)


  1. I LOVED it!!! and she will too....we love you aunt Gigi!

  2. that is AWESOME!!! Wow! What talent. It's been so gross and rainy today that I'm sure that blanket will be well loved.

  3. i'm not too old to get a blanket, right? i think almost-24-year-olds need mink and polka dots too :)

  4. Nonny loved it too!! So proud of our Aunt Gigi!

  5. oh my! That blankie just screams my name! Those bright colors, those polka dots -- it totally should be mine! It is absolutely gorgeous, girl! What a treasure for a special little baby girl!

  6. alright now you can make one for your next favorite cousin's (or whatever i am to you) baby! i love that one and you did a great job.