Thursday, September 3, 2009


i read a funny {but very valid} post here today.

worker man and i have had many 'a conversation about this.



  1. Interesting. I left a post on that site.

  2. My opinion...It doesn't necessarily take walls to validate your spirituality but I understand how it pulls on your inner soul to worship in ‘Papa’s’ (taken from The Shack) House... However, some of my most profound moments … I am typically outside and surrounded by the beauty of nature that He created….. spending one-on-one time with just Him. Sometimes its in my car on my way home from or to work...where I make time to reflect, to pray, to love, to give thanks for all that He’s given to me. In the hammock with Big Daddy… there is ALWAYS reflection and time for Him. He’s not hard to find, to love or to worship. So that being said... On the beach…with the ocean water at your feet...doing your devotions...sounds like the perfect temple to me. Maybe...just finding a place to truly feel His presence should be what matters most...wherever that might be.