Wednesday, April 22, 2009

update on the mcdonald's conspiracy theory.

sherry asked which mcdonald's isn't offering free coffee so she wouldn't make the same mistake.

i'm starting to get the feeling that no one wants to be like me.

but i can't figure out why.

apparently, unless you are from canada or are planning to make a sudden trip to canada in the next week and a half for free coffee, you are out of luck.

moral to the story: make sure you know which COUNTRY the deals are in.

fmil is right, i AM an idiot.


  1. ohh, i would looooooooove to be like you that's why i am waiting for a pic of your new hair cut! you def have it going on! and i love a good deal!

  2. LOL! omgosh - that is so funny! That sounds like something I would do . . . if they can't give it to me free -- well then forget it!