Tuesday, April 21, 2009

cup 'o joe.

I read on a blog somewhere yesterday that McDonald's was offering free Small Premium Roast coffee (1 per customer per day) everyday during breakfast hours for the next two weeks.

Well, I love McDonald's coffee but I rarely go there to get coffee since I can just drink the coffee at work. I decided this morning would be a good morning to stop by since I could get a free cup. I called FMIL on my way to let her know about this fantastic deal!

I pulled through the drive-thru and asked the lady if they were offering the free coffee and she couldn't understand me. I repeated myself and she acted like I was crazy. " ma'am, we don't have free coffee"

My response?

"Well then, never mind. Thanks!"
And I whipped my car right out of that drive-thru line and headed on to work.

I called FMIL to let her know that in fact, there was NO free coffee. She asked why I didn't just buy a coffee. But of course, I'm not about to buy the cup of coffee.

I am not about to fall for the McDonald's Coffee Conspiracy that has been planned to offer free coffee at some McDonald's and not at others so I will buy coffee at the ones that aren't offering the free coffee!

Okay, so maybe they don't have a conspiracy. But STILL!

The last thing that not-so-"F"MIL (just kidding, hehe.) said...

"I'm glad you called to let me know so I didn't have to go look like an idiot too!"

yes, that was me. the idiot in the drive-thru line. you can't hurt her for telling the truth.


  1. Just sent you an award while sipping my hot, free, coffee!!! (From work....not McDonalds in Canada)!

  2. so help me learn from your mistake, which mcd is not giving away free coffee?

  3. I dont blame you...i wouldnt have paid for 'free' coffee either.... :)