Wednesday, February 4, 2009

She's trying to convert me!

I've always been very confident in the fact that I will not be a minivan mom. First, let me say the mom part is not going to happen any time soon. But, I've always wanted to drive a suburban instead of minivan. Well, G (Worker Man's sister/EC's mom) and FMIL claim that they will not have to convince me. They think that after we have our first kiddo that we will be convinced on our own that a minivan is the best option.

As I stated, FMIL claims that she is not trying to convince me but look what she made me drive to BSF on Monday night:

She was probably thinking, "If I can just get her behind the wheel and let her get a feel for it...there will be no turning back"

I think FFIL is in on it too.

I can see straight through that grin...

I must confess...

...I'm still a hater.


  1. Just you wait and see...five kids later!!!

  2. Don't cave,Jenny! Suburbans are great!!!! :)

  3. JL.... having rented a mini-van for a week's vacation trip to St. Louis when all of the ruglins were little was a 'test drive' for me. Big Daddy said I would love one if I would only give it a chance. I have never felt like a van person....handy or not. I gave it a valiant effort....and you guessed it…I ended up with a Suburban myself. Loved the suburban. But found as soon as Wormie turned 16 I didn’t need such a beast anymore as we always took 2 cars everywhere from that point on…. So it was really handy for about 4 years…But Big Daddy was like …you wanted it so bad … we’re gonna keep it… I STILL have that dang beast. I think you’re more of a ‘cross over’ chick than anything! So many seat 8 now……so you can have those 5 kids…. What the world…seriously 5 ruglins??? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND…. Calculate braces Xs 5, Cars Xs 5, College Xs 5… and all that ends up little the little stuff....GURL YOU MUST BE ON CRACK… But it’s all good. We wanted 6 ourselves…but we only HALF finish any project we undertake…so we feel we really made our target by having 3! Love you for wanting a brood! Keep an open mind about the M-van…but bring home the suburban! :)

  4. I laughed out loud! I am a hater too. My husband did his best to convince me, but we left the lot with a Yukon. No minivan for me either!