Friday, January 16, 2009

Stud Searchin'

Worker Man is very talented when it comes to fixing things around the house. When he bought the house we live in now he completely re-did the bathroom all by himself.

Well, he got a new front door for Christmas and last Saturday he put it in. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous because he tends to get a little hammer happy, start the job, and then take any where from two weeks to two months to finish the job. So, needless to say, with him knocking a huge hole in the front of the house, I was really hoping that this would not turn into a two month-long project. But, he put up the door effortlessly. Even my dad was impressed (which says a lot).

Well, with his pride came more hammer happiness.

I was in the study on the computer and I kept hearing all this banging. I wasn't really thinking about it but after a little bit I finally realized it was coming from the bedroom. I look in there and Worker Man is standing there with a hammer and nail looking guilty.

Sidenote: About a week prior to all this, we had talked about the possibility of opening my closet from a single door to double doors. We never got further than talking about it but apparently talking about it means we should get started right away.

I ask what he's been doing with his hammer and nail and he replies, "finding a stud". Like I said earlier, Worker Man knows how to do things. Like Worker Man things. Obviously, you do not need to use a hammer and nail to find a stud so I start getting worried.

I look to the wall that he's been banging on and here's what I see:

Apparently Worker Man thinks that he should resort to nailing holes in the wall to find a stud.

Thank goodness there's a picture that hangs there. If you look close, you can see one hole on the left that's not covered.



  1. I don't know if I have ever laughed as hard as when I saw the picture of those nail holes. What a dork!

  2. this is a classic.... Loving it! ....and he laughs at my bacon cooking skills! Wow Worker and you are gonna chat about stud finding thinking Jenny Lynn would have had better luck than you on this particular task! Call us when you start the closet project ... it might be worth a trip down to witness this event!