Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scott Family Christmas

After we wake up and do Christmas at my parent's house, we go to my PaPa's (Dad's dad) house. We all make breakfast, read the Christmas story and open gifts.
We have a few gag gifts mixed in that get passed to different people each year.
Last year, because Worker Man was new to the family, he received two of the gag gifts. We left them with my mom to keep till this year because we knew that with all the moving chaos we would probably lose them. This year we were trying to find them and realized that my papa's old driver's liscense that we pass around was missing. So, we replaced it with this picture as a temporary until we could find the liscense.
Here is my uncle (Dad's youngest brother) posing beside it. Identical twins??

The next thing we had to hand off was this donkey hat. When you push a button, it starts to bray like a donkey and wiggle it's ears. Hilarious.
Worker Man wanted to give this to my dad's sister, NJ.

Here are some pictures from the rest of the morning:

Dad snoozing.

Me and my cousin, Jacob

Me and Worker Man

Me and Daddy

The whole family!

Mom and my dad's brother, Jim


And a family pic

We definitely had a good time. This is the end of my Christmas 2008 posts. I also forgot to take pictures at my mom's side of the family. Don't know what I was thinking!


  1. Wow! The uncle, twin pic! Amazing!! Love NJ's hat!!!

  2. Oh, and I love how someone is squeezing Worker Man's arm to make him smile.............