Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Morning and Happy Birthday Mom!

So, for some reason, I totally forgot to take any pictures at Nanny and Grandaddy's house (Worker Man's grandparents). We celebrated at their house on Christmas Eve and had a blast! We had a brunch at Joy's house that was hosted by Jana and Joy and then we went to Nanny's for the rest of the Christmas festivities.
We left their house and drove two hours to my parent's house. We got there about 11:30 and waiting till 12 to sing Happy Birthday to Mom. We decided to give her birthday presents to her then. I asked Worker Man to grab it from the car.
He went out there to get it and came back empty-handed.
I knew he had looked just like any other guy would look for something. Not picking anything up or moving anything around. Just scanning the top layer and saying it wasn't in there. So, I headed outside to find it...I tore the entire car apart but birthday present. .
Not only did I have to apologize and tell Worker Man that he was right, but I didn't have my mom's birthday present!!!
Here are some pictures from 12 am and the next morning.

Colby and Mom

Sidney and Mom

The next morning:

Colby, even at the age of 19, still wakes up during the middle of the night to look at what Santa brought and then goes back to bed. Then, he wakes up at 6 for us to open gifts.

Obviously we all look like death, because who in their right mind wakes up at 6 am to open gifts?

But, we still had a great time and got a ton of good stuff.


  1. The visual of Colby going to see what Santa brought in the middle of the night...cracks me up!

    Who is their right mind still leaves cookies and milk out at the ripe ages of 14,17 and 20? Yelp, Teeter's gang does (mainly Ashley).....its a sickness BUT it's refreshing to see my kids are not the only ones still living in Santa-land. I think Im the blame for making them watch Polar Express too many years in a row! BELIEVE!! :\

    Love y'all!

  2. I love that your family is a lot like ours. Glad you had a great Christmas!