Thursday, December 4, 2008

professional help....

Last night, my mom came to my house and we went Christmas shopping. We stopped by Ross and while we were there, we figured we should browse through the books (We’ve both really been wanting a Paula Dean cookbook—[oh gosh, I’m getting old…]). One book caught mom’s eye that had to do with your horoscope or something. We don’t believe in that stuff but we thought it would be fun to look up our birthdays to see how close the description was.

She looked up my birthday first. It gave the favorite day of the week, month, color, number, and a lot of other useless information and then there was a paragraph that explained what my personality should be like. For the most part, it hit it dead on. Both my strengths and weaknesses were accurate. There were a few parts that were off (like me being a loner) but for the most part, it was accurate and uplifting.

Of course, we also had to read Mom’s. Her paragraph was off from the start. It had a couple of things that were right but the rest of them were just weird. And all of the sudden, she started laughing hysterically. She read the next sentence which stated:

“You might consider seeking a professional to help you with this problem…”


Later on, we were talking and she mentioned how she couldn’t decide if she should attend this banquet thingy for work. Here’s how the conversation went:

Mom: Well, we could go but…

Me: Wait, who’s we?

Mom: Again, laughing hysterically.

Me: Maybe you should believe what that book said and seek some professional help.

Mom: Nah, I used to be schizophrenic……..but now we’re okay.

I think I might just start believing in those horoscopes after all.


  1. I know some professionals...but your mom might be too much for even THEM! Sounds like a fun night with your mom. So glad yall got to spend that time together!