Friday, December 5, 2008

jenny's here!

Last week Worker Man and I went to a funeral for the grandpa of one of my S&C girls (KC). The funeral was almost three hours from my house so she was not really expecting us to come. Worker Man and I wanted to be there so we left that morning to surprise her and offer support in such a difficult time.

There was a visitation in the fellowship hall before the service so Worker Man and I went to see the family. When we walked in, there was a long line of people that wrapped around the room. As we started making our way to the end of the line, I looked back trying to get KC’s attention.

When I got her attention and waved, she burst out crying.

As I was still walking past all these people to get in the back of the line, I was looking back at her waving…

And then,

I walked straight into a wall.

I mean, slap into the wall. Like, the side of my face as well at the rest of my body ricocheted off the wall. (Keep in mind I’m walking right past all these people in line who are facing me and who are now laughing at me or looking at me with sympathy for being such an idiot)

I look back at KC and she’s laughing hysterically.

When we finally get to the front of the line, all KC’s mom could say was “Jenny’s here!”

Leave it to me to provide a little unplanned comedy relief.