Wednesday, September 11, 2013

my normal these days.

I love having twins.  Honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world!  It's an adventure of a lifetime.  I know I am so, so blessed.  And, I know that so many people would kill to be in my shoes.  It has stretched me in more ways than I ever imagined.  It has unified Jordan and I so much.  We had to learn to work together in everything.  How to support each other, work through being frustrated with each other and raise tiny humans together!

But, y'all.

I thought we had survived the extremely difficult phase.  We made it through breast feeding and pumping (my pump - i.e. my third child...) every three hours, getting them to gain weight, figuring out sleeping and schedules, how to travel with two babies and how to conquer Costco and Hobby Lobby.  

Things honestly started getting easier.  The breast feeding moved into kids meals from Chickfila, we figured out the best way to go places, duties started being divvied up without having to discuss who was going to do what, and we learned what to expect.

Except, now?  It's getting hard again.  I'm not discrediting the difficulties in the beginning because they were seriously hard.  And this isn't harder...but it feels like I'm entering Round 2.  

I read this article yesterday and it is so accurate of what it looks like to have twins.  It describes my life. Seriously.  It's funny.  But so true!

And, if you don't believe me, how about a story from yesterday?

It started with a tough morning - nothing huge, just overall it was difficult.  Which resulted in my father-in-law taking me to pick up my car (the oil was getting changed) while I cried the whole way there.  Poor guy.  He handled it really well.  As I sat beside him silently, trying to pull it together.  But really, let's not get into all that, just needed to set the scene for let you know where my nerves were.  SHOT.  At 10 a.m.

After getting my car, the boys and I ran to the post office to send some Moxie Made packages (I've got something exciting in the works!  Eeeekkk!).  I get both of them out, hold their hands through the parking lot - with my packages under one arm and my clutch under the other arm.  We get inside and they proceed to run around in circles in the small area - trying to pull every box and envelope off the display racks.  Thankfully, our post office is not super busy and all the mail workers are incredibly sweet.  We finally get the packages shipped and head out to the car.  

I was putting Tate in the car first, so I looked down at Crews and asked him to stand in the pocket between my legs and the car door, thinking he couldn't get around me.  Just as I sat Tate in his car seat, Crews bolted around my legs and out behind my car where other cars were pulling in and out.  It sent me into a panic.  So, I turned to grab Crews.  As I grabbed him, I heard Tate cry out.  I turned around to see Tate falling head first out of the side of my tahoe (only important because it's up off the ground quite a bit!).  Thankfully I caught him just before his head hit the asphalt.

So yeah...

We drove straight to McDonalds for a sweet tea.


  1. sheesh! all the above is true except for the post office having sweet workers...whattttt?????

  2. Bless your heart! I know where you're coming from and you are not alone. Sometimes just knowing that you're not the only one helps lessen the blow a little bit - at least for me. You are doing a great job and you to be commended for your motherly efforts! It's the day-to-day stuff that often goes unnoticed and those are the things that matter most. Try not to dwell on the less than perfect moments and savor in the good ones!

  3. this literally made me nervous just reading about it