Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day 2013.

I started writing a post last year a few weeks before Mother's Day.  But, I never finished it.  So, I figured I should post it this year.


So, I should probably wait until Mother's Day to post this but it is on my heart tonight so I wanted to go ahead and post it :)

I can't beging to explain how grateful I am for my mom.  
I have needed my mom more so than ever before in my new role as a mom.
And boy has she delivered.

My mom always said that when I was born, everyone rushed straight over to see me, the new baby.  But, she vividly remembers her mom rushing over to check on her.  She wanted to make sure her baby was okay.
And then same thing happened When the twins arrived.  Everyone was dying to get down to the NICU but before my mom could head down the hall she had to come check on me.  And actually, while I was in the hospital, she spent more time in my room than in the NICU.  

She had been my biggest supporter since Day One.
When I told her I was considering cloth diapers, she never flinched a muscle.  And believe me, I watched for her reaction.  I wanted to see how she really felt about it.  And I knew, I would be able to tell in the split second after I told her.  Of course I knew she'd tell me that I should do whatever I thought was best, but I wanted to know her true reaction.  And she didn't think twice before telling me she thought I could handle it.  She immediately wanted to know how they worked and what the process looked like.  Being as supportive as possible.

And the same thing happened when we talked about me staying at home.  She has worked full-time for the majority of my childhood and was a wonderful mom.  But, I felt like I should stay at home.  And never once did she react in a way to make me feel as though that was not a good decision.

Time after time, she has been supportive.  

And, she is so intentional about the time we spend together.  Looking out for me.  Which, to be completely honest, is really nice.  As soon as you have babies, life completely changes.  You are no longer responsible for only you.  Ever.  You are always thinking about their schedule and feeds and baths and diapers and, and, and...the list could go on.  But honestly, as Mama, you are the go to person.  The one who has the answers.  About where the video monitor is packed and when they should eat again and whether they burped after they ate and why they're fussy.  And, there is very little [as in almost none] time that you have to yourself.  

But, praise the Lord for my mama.  She has given this worn out mama some rest.  She came a few weekends ago so I could go to a multiples consignment sale.  She told me to run whatever errands I needed to while I was out.  So, I decided to stop by TJ Maxx.  Well, I ended up spending like two hours [TWO WHOLE UNITERRUPTED HOURS] in TJ Maxx.  Browsing the home goods.  Then looking at the clothes.  Then going over to browse the baby clothes.  Then the shoes and bags.  I mean, it was wonderful!  I texted her and told her what a gift it was for me to be able to spend this time.  And she responded telling me what a gift it was for her to keep my boys.  


Okay, so I never finished my post.  But, over a year later I feel this way even more.  She has been there through every stage of this journey.  And, although we do things differently, she supports how I choose to raise my boys.  Never making me the bad guy by saying, "your mommy says we can't do that or can't eat that" or trying to discourage me on what I've decided is important.  It's such.a.blessing.  Seriously.  And even more of a blessing, she cherishes my boys.  I mean like misses them when she doesn't see them for more than a few days - can't wait to get her hands on them - begs to keep them - that kind of cherish.  It's such a blessing to know that when she offers to keep them it's not putting her out.  She LOVES it.  I am oh so grateful for this.

I always knew she was fabulous.  Really, I did.  But I had no idea JUST how fabulous she was until I became a mother myself.  It's like we connected on a whole knew level.  And I am so grateful for the way our relationship has become stronger and deeper and the way I appreciate her so much more than I ever have before.

Mom, thank you for everything.  You have loved me well.  You have taught me well.  I'm the most blessed gal in the world.  Love you.


  1. All these things are SO true about your mom! She is one incredible lady!!!