Friday, March 1, 2013

project 52.41


This whole being a mom thing has totally turned me into a ball of emotions.  
It has been such a beautiful process.  So difficult to put into words.

And, although so much else has and will continue to define me, mother will forever be my favorite part of who I am.  The two of you have created a new person in me.  I see things differently.  Process things differently.  Feel things differently.  

More deeper.  More passionately.  More fully.

I looked at the two of you in your daddy's lap last night, as we read a bible story, and I was taken aback by this overwhelming emotion.  This is my life.  You three have my heart.  And I am so eternally grateful for this opportunity.  This blessing.  To be your mother. 

I'm afraid I will be mushy from now on out.  But it is worth every second of being mushy to know that I can feel like this.  And that I can love like this.

Thank you for this gift.