Monday, March 11, 2013

monday hodgepodge.

Hey y'all!

I'm having a hard time completing a full thought.  And, I have a feeling that will be the case for the next two days...because MAKING THINGS HAPPEN starts on Wednesday!  Eeeek!  So, how about a hodgepodge of all my partial thoughts for today?

1.  I love daylight savings.  Ask me about it in November and I will tell you how much I despise it.  Last night was the first night.  We fed the boys supper and had bath time.  Then, I loaded my freshly jammied babes up and went for a run.  It.was.heavenly.  

2.  The boys are 16 months old and I can honestly say I have loved every single stage of being their mom.  But, in the last few months they have become so much fun!  Their little personalities are coming out, they are able to communicate a little more and they are ALL boy.  The run all through the house and jump off of anything they can climb on.  It's awesome!  I went on and on to Jordan the other day about how much joy they bring to my life.  I mean on and on.  The next day was just one of those hard days.  He got home at 5 p.m. and I gave him the look.  The one that says, "GET IN HERE AND TAKE OVER BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND".  He proceeded to try to ask me if I remembered what I  was telling him the night before.  Before he could get the words out of his mouth, I stopped him.  I turned around, with steam coming from my ears and through gritted teeth I said, "DON'T EVEN SAY IT".  But really, so much joy.  Almost every second.

3.  We will be spending every waking moment outside for the next six months.  Today, after spending a few hours outside, eating lunch and playing, we came inside so I could get some laundry done.  Both boys went ballistic.  Crews stood at the door.  Beating on it.  No matter how many times I redirected him.  Good thing I love being outside!

4.  Speaking of laundry...does it ever end?  I mean, seriously.  I have just finished folding three loads that have been sitting in baskets all weekend.  (That used to be my biggest pet peeve.  But, nowadays, wrinkled clothes is the price we pay for clean clothes).  I probably have three more loads to do today.  Six loads of laundry all in one afternoon?  There should be a rule against that.

5.  This little guy has become a big mama's boy again.  (Crews switched places with him for a little while).  We walked over to visit Poppy and Nonny today and Poppy was going to give him a ride in the big truck.  He was dying to get in.  But not quite enough to give up Mama.

6.  We are so blessed that Jordan works next door.  He makes frequent trips home throughout the day and spends a little time with the boys.  They get so excited when they hear his truck "beeping" (when he's in reverse).  Crews heard beeping earlier this morning that was actually happening over at the office.  He thought it was his Daddy and he jumped up from playing and ran to the door yelling, "DaaaDE, DaaDE" (I love the way he says it).  He spent some time reading to the boys this morning.  They were in hog heaven.

7.  I've picked up crocheting again, recently (thanks, Sarah).  I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head.  I made a blanket that turned out a lot bigger than I was expecting.  I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to make it wider.  Right now it's just a weird size - super long but narrow.  I was ready for a faster project (hello, instant gratification) so I made an infinity scarf.  I like the way it turned out and I can't wait to make some for Christmas presents this year!

How's that for random?  Hope you all have a great week!