Sunday, February 3, 2013

oh, hello little love month.

y'all.  i have to tell you, i have had such an interesting month.  i have been wanting to be all about productivity and accomplishing goals but i have also felt the Lord clearly trying to teach me to slow down and live life without being controlled by a to do list.  you wouldn't think this would be challenging, but when i don't have a strict to do list my time management is terrible.  so, i'm working hard to find a healthy balance.  so many blogs that i read encourage setting goals and starting the year out right.  and there is so much good to come from that.  but, i also read this post where jami talks about  motivation and goals needing to be God oriented.  so, i'm still trying to figure this out. 

i did make a few january goals.  and i didn't accomplish them all (whhhaaaatt??).  but, i feel okay about that.  it's me, giving up a little bit of my control-nature.  being willing to be a mess.  and figuring out how to understand that that is okay.  

my january goals were:
  • read grace for the good girl (i started this and LOVE it.  not finished yet!)
  • complete the next step of my quilt (that i started before i got preggers!) (still need to do this)
  • edit pictures for my 2012 albm (it has been so fun to go back through all our pictures from last year.  i'm only about half way through picking them out - then I'll get to start the actual album!)
  • order photo books of the boys first birthday party (yay!  finished this one - i LOVE these.  printed two so both boys will have one)
  • make two christmas gifts (i didn't do this - i have some ideas, just gotta make the time!)
so for february i'm hoping to:
  • finish grace for the good girl
  • read the most important place on earth
  • make two christmas gifts (maybe 4 to make up for january if i have time!)
  • finish going through my 2012 pictures and start on the actual album
  • use my time more wisely (this is huge.  i need to write a whole post on my iphone and google reader addictions.  it's ugly.  and i want to spend my time being more creative instead of watching others be creative and productive with their time.)
  • make my workspace a fun space for me to want to spend my time (right now, my desk stays cluttered with all kinds of stuff and the couch becomes my blogging/photo editing/office space.  which makes me less productive because i get too comfy and sleepy or too caught up in a tv show! i want my desk to be a happy place where i want to actually spend time!)

what about y'all?  how has january been?  what are you going to do this month?

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