Saturday, December 15, 2012

project 52.38


Although you are twins and have so many similarities, you are also incredibly unique.

Since Day One there have been obvious differences about the two of you.
And, although I typically dress you the same, I wanted your Halloween costumes to be different.  I came up with the idea of a cowboy and an indian and was so excited.  Then, I had to decide which one of you would be which.  It only took me a second.  But, before I voiced who I thought should dress up as which, I asked lots of the people closest to you what they thought.  Everyone (except for one) said the exact same thing that I had decided.

Tate, you were the cowboy.  Your personality fits that of a cowboy.  You have a gentle spirit and a tender heart.  I can just see you saying, "Howdy Partner" with a sweet little drawl.  You like to be cuddled.  You soak up hugs and kisses.  You get your feelings hurt if a snack cup or a toy is taken away.  But, you are also incredibly determined to get what you want.  You are usually the one stealing toys from Crews.  No matter what he has, you want it instead of what you have.  It's quite funny.  Recently you have started to smile the biggest smile ever.  Seriously.  Your whole face lights up and you get so excited.  I love this about you.

Crews, your little personality or should I say your big personality fits that of an indian so perfectly.  You are tiny.  But you are feisty.  This has been the case since the minute you were born.  I can just envision you running around with a tomahawk screaming "ah-ya-ya-ya-ya!"  You are constantly on the go.  Working so hard to accomplish your little task.  Whether it be pushing the little riding toy from point A to point B or pulling all the books off the bookshelf.  You are focused.  You are also mischievous.   You have this little grin and look, where you tilt your face down and look up towards whoever your trying to win over.  It works one hundred percent of the time.  People are smitten with you .  I am smitten with you.

I love that you two will always have a special bond of having a twin but I also love that you are both so unique.  You have been since you were born and it has been so much fun to figure out your little personalities.  Your quirks.  Your likes and dislikes.  I'm so excited to spend years studying both of you and figuring out how to love you for who you are.


  1. This SO sums up these two precious boys. Unique and so incredibly precious.

  2. Made my heart swell.

  3. Okay. I was wrong. But regardless, Im so happppy right now

  4. Wow, they are so similar to August and Elias!!! I actually just wrote very similar things about them. :-) I love reading about other people's experiences with twins!