Tuesday, November 13, 2012

lost my funny.


i am a scatterbrained mess these days.  my blog has gotten the shaft.  for real.  there are so many things that i want to blog about but i have to make time to actually write it down.  my sister and i were just talking the other day about how we tend to write blog posts in our head before we actually sit down to write them.  well, i've written about 300 blog posts. and hardly any of them have become a reality.  

and the other thing is that i think i've lost my funny.  

i used to blog about bananas shooting across the kitchen like blow darts and my brother thinking mother teresa lived in a shoe.  now i blog about sappy mom stuff if anything.  

but, if you caught that little thing in the beginning of this post, my sister and i were talking about writing blog posts...because she has a blog, y'all! 

you should go check it out.

because she hasn't lost her funny.


  1. Girl you haven't lost your funny either! I still laugh about your description of you and Jordan cleaning Tate at a gas station after a blowout. Now you're just funny AND sappy, which is my favorite combination!

  2. Love Love Sid's blog! One of my favorites!