Tuesday, May 29, 2012

project 52.17


This life with y'all is  
But, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't also say that sometimes it's difficult.  Sometimes it is stressful.  Sometimes (okay, lots of times) I am worn-slap-out.  

I'll just give you the most recent one of the more recent events (because I would probably have to post this immediately in order for it to be the most recent.  Often these difficult events happen back to back to back).

On Wednesday we went to a children's museum for the first time.  We went to Marbles  with our friends we meet up with every Wednesday.  After our friends left to make it home in time for naps, we went to the nursing room so y'all could eat.  Problem number one.  Both of you were hungry.  Neither of you wanted to stay in the stroller.  In order to keep you calm, I carried you both while pushing the empty, giant, jogging stroller.  We get to the nursing room and the jogging stroller wouldn't even fit into the room without rearranging the furniture.  So, we rearrange the furniture just enough to fit the stroller (with all our crap in it - so it had to come in with us) in the tee-tiny room and shut the door.  Then, I'm stuck behind the stroller.  I climb over the stroller holding both of you.  

I finally get around and situated and start nursing Tate while Crews calms down enough to sit in the stroller (haven't quite figured out tandem nursing without my twin nursing pillow).  All is going well until Crews gets upset.  So, I finish with Tate and lay a blanket down on the rug and place Tate on it while I change Crews' diaper.  After changing his diaper he is so fired up and ready to eat that I don't worry about putting his clothes back on, I decide to go ahead and feed him first.  

While feeding Crews, I see Tate start to roll over from his stomach to his back and it looks like he's going to land off the blanket and off the rug.  I quickly try to grab him and I'm a millisecond too late.  His head bangs on the tile floor and he starts crying hysterically. 

So, I sit Crews beside me in the glider while I try to calm Tate down.  Naked Crews falls over in the glider and starts trying to latch on to my back and I can't get him up because Tate is going ballistic! It was  quite the sight.  Finally we get everyone calmed and clothed and squeeze ourselves out of the nursing room and go along our merry way.  We better get going because we're going to be doing it all over again in 2 1/2 hours!

So, although everything is rainbows and butterflies most of the time, there are definitely times that are difficult and stressful and make me "need a moment".  

But...I wouldn't have it any other way. I love it.  All of it.  

Just another thing you're teaching me.
To appreciate the blessings in the difficult moments and find beauty in the imperfect.


  1. You deserve a metal! It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have to. Have a peaceful day.

  2. You make even difficult look easy. What a great mom you are!

  3. You are hilarious!! Reading your blog is just like being there and experiencing the moment with you guys. I'm so glad you are documenting all your experiences because by the time the boys get into college you're going to have enough material to be a stand-up comedian. You could make millions!!!!! (Or hey you could always write a book, I think that may even be a better idea.) Luv ya, Your BonBon