Thursday, May 3, 2012

embrace the camera.

I'm going to start joining Emily, at The Anderson Crew, for Embrace the Camera each Thursday!

She started this idea because she wanted her kids to have pictures of them together. 
I love this idea so I want to start it now.  Not always being behind the camera, but taking pictures with them.

Crews (L) and Tate (R)

Note to self:  Going like this to Walmart is a terrible idea!  You will get stopped by every other person throughout the entire store.  And each time you are stopped the person (with a rat tail and three teeth) will want to get in your twins' faces and carry on a five minute conversation.  Cream of chicken soup and eggs are not worth it.  Go after your husband gets home.  Or, go with the eight-foot train (pushing a double stroller and pulling a grocery cart).  That is easier than getting personal with half the county.  I promise!


  1. I love it, your 1st Embracing moment shall go down in history as one that shows the love of a mama to her 2 beautiful sons. Blessings sister;)

  2. I'm pretty sure I am one of those persons (minus the rat tail, plus two teeth). I will try my best to just smile and move I won't. But I won't get in their face. Promise. Now, YOUR babies on the other hand............

    Love this post! Wish I had more pics of me with the kiddos!

  3. This picture is so so sweet!!! Your kiddos look just like you! I'm also that person minus the rat tail plus a mouth full of clean teeth! :) I just love babies so so much.

  4. OMG!! this is the cutest thing i've ever seen! and i can imagine that you got stopped cause i would have totally been that person that stopped you too---minus the missing teeth and rat tail :)

  5. What a precious photo! I miss being able to carry my babies (who aren't babies anymore) in my Moby wrap. I could probably pull it off with my daughter, who's not quite two. But she wouldn't last long in it. Soak it up, mama! :)

  6. oh go and take them this pouch....they are growing so fast they wont be able to hang out in there much longer....especially in the summer take them anyway!

  7. Your kids are georgeous!! <3