Monday, April 30, 2012

weigh in | april goals.

Checking in on the April goals!  

Make two presents  :::  check!

We had a shower for Jordan's cousin, Joy.  Her theme is Wizard of Oz so I made her a scarecrow burpcloth and a bib!  I also did a maternity shoot!  (Sneak peek later this week!)

Read Mittenstrings for God  :::  check!

Y'all.  This book is so good.  It honestly spoke straight to my soul.  It affirmed my decision to stay at home.  It is about slowing down.  And living life.  Like really living.  Giving up the "norms" of rushing here and there and fitting everything in.  And instead, valuing the precious gifts you've been given and really learning to appreciate the authentic joys in life.  Making your home a haven for your family and really cultivating life within those four walls.  I could have highlighted half the book.  In fact, I almost did.  You, all of you, need to read it!

Have a yard sale  :::  check!

We had our first yard sale!  And, it was a success.  I kept joking that this yard sale would probably be my first and last.  I just knew that there was a ton of work going into it and I wasn't sure we would make any money.  But, we did okay.  And we got rid of a bunch of junk!  My February book, Organized Simplicity, recommended having a yard sale so I had been gathering stuff for about a month and a half.  This is definitely the way to go!

I did learn that you don't sell a lot of clothes.  We had a ton of clothes and they did not sale very well.  I always talk about how it's too much work to send clothes to a consignment store but really, it's less work than a yard sale and you probably make more money on your clothes by doing it that way.  So...lesson learned.  But, I do feel so much better now that we don't have all that junk.

Had to document my first two purchases - by the ones having the yard sale with me!

Blog  :::  fail.

I finally picked up a little bit at the end of April.  But I am still not blogging about as many things as I'd like to!

Love People  :::  continuing this one...

I don't feel like I will ever be able to fully check this one off.  There are always more people I can love and ways that I can love better.  Our preacher talked about this a few weeks ago and the sermon really spoke to my heart.  He talked about how we are called to love people.  And love them well.  He talked about the paradox of feeling more joy in our lives when we serve others and put their happiness and joy ahead of ours.  I want so badly to make this a way of life.  To serve others and find joy in that.  For this to become the normal, not the exception.

Okay!  I'll be back tomorrow with May goals :)